Blueberry Splash

Welcome to the the Blueberry Open Water Swim on Myers Lake

Event Data

Distance: 1 Mile

Race date: Sun. Sept. 1, 2019
Registration Opens at 8:15 AM
Registration Closes at 9:15 AM
Event Start Time: 10:00 AM
Event Cutoff Time: 60 Minutes

Water temp:  ~68 - 75°F

Entrance Fee

July 1 thru Aug. 1,

Aug. 2 - Aug. 15,

Day of Event

Entries must be postmarked no later than August 15.

T-shirt is not guaranteed
for day of registrants

Registration Opens at 8:15 AM
Registration Closes at 9:15 AM

Swim Cap

Bragging Rights
You Did it!

For More Information Contact the Race Director at

Call: 574-930-6932


The 2019 Blueberry Open Water Swim is September 1st, 2019

Eligibility: On the day of the event, swimmers age 11 years old and older are eligible for this event. This swim is NOT for the uninitiated. Train for this event. Bring your guts for the glory. A full on one mile open water swim. If you are not able to comfortably swim one mile in a pool in under 45 minutes, please do not attempt this event. Event time limit: 60 minutes.

Click on the fish to view the Swim Overview Document.

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Registration Form

Parking will be at the finish area at 14811 12th Road, Plymouth, IN Swimmers will be shuttled by watercraft to the start location so they may view the course prior to the race.

Bellow is a view of the swim course / event area map.

Myers Lake

We wish to extend a huge thanks to all of our sponsors for helping to make this event possible!!

Mick & Debbie Baumgartner Bob & Darlene Best
Rocky & Vicki Talcott Don & Ruth Ann Anders
Red & Jeannie Harris Bert &Joann Bruno
Dr. Thomas Pedavoli Family Uncle Buck & Marcia Harris
The Myers Lake Hippies Collins & Company Realtors
Culver Concierge Plymouth LP Gas
Bowen Printing Culligan-Plymouth

And a big thanks also to all of our swimmers.

Swimmer Time   Swimmer Time
Kyle Hoskins 22.49   Rachel Jacobs 32.03
Tom Vogel 23.28   Elaine McCraken 32.03
MJ Poss 24.30   Ryan Eliswo rth 32.48
Len Zimmer 25.39   Terry SteiuvbeI 34.17
Penny Lawrence 25.48   Jami Holm 35.37
lzzy Shvla 25.51   Matt Grieber 37.37
Amanda Marshall 27.38   Ashley Hawkins 38.44
Alex Vancza 27.53   Michael Pedavoli 40.59
Daniel Stauffer 28.06   Julie Stauffer 41.46
Lorna Apt 28.14   Brittany Pedavoli 43.39
Brad Serf 28.26   Tom Camire 43.39
Graci Holm 28.36   Charles Brown 44.10
Bonnie Schrems 28.38   Deb Palmer 44.29
Joan Bemenderfer 28.44   Kirk Hettich 49.30
Rhonda Feltzer 28.44   Kim White 50.52
Jeff Feltzer 29.56   Chris Firebaugh 51.09
Lynn Kochmari 30.33   Drew Hettich 52.01
Joseph Stauffer 31.12   Rod Jacobs DNF
Dean Schmidlapp 31.30   Emily Doehring No Show